Dessa Bayrock lives in Ottawa with two cats and a variety of succulents, one of which has recently risen from the dead. She used to unfold paper for a living at Library and Archives Canada, and is currently a PhD student in English where she continues to fold and unfold paper. Her poems have appeared in Funicular, Poetry is Dead, PRISM Magazine, and Spy Kids Review, among others. She is the editor of post ghost press. You can find her, or at least more about her, at or on Twitter at @yodessa


Katie Stobbart lives in the Fraser Valley with her cat Chiclet and a thousand books. She is the founder and executive director of Red Press Society, a local arts organization, and her poems have appeared in Louden Singletree and Raspberry Magazine. By day she organizes many things as an executive assistant; by night she organizes quests as the spirited DM for a bumbling party of heroes in a long-running D&D campaign. Katie blogs at and tweets as @kstobbart. You can find her writing, painting, or tending to her apartment jungle.

The Trick to Feeling Safe at Home