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Oops... It took us a while...

It's been a long 3 months since our Fall launch, but we've finally been able to update our online shop with our Haunted publications. We'd also like to send an overdue thank you to the Connie, Frances and Laurie who performed at our Halloween launch party.

Under the "Shop" tab, you'll be able to find three new broadsides:

- "i could kill a faun now" by Jessica Robinson

- "dement" by dalton derkson

- "The Sky Has to Cool at Some Point" by Conyer Clayton

and our three new chapbooks:

- "The Winchesters" by Rachel Fernandes

- "Shard" by Frances Boyle

- "Three Movements" by Laurie Koensgen

In other exciting news, we are working on a beautiful project set to launch later this Winter. Check back soon for more details.

Happy shopping!


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