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Coven Reads, a new IGTV series

In light of current global events and the need for social-distancing and self-isolation to help stop the spread of Covid-19, Coven Editions is excited to announce a new social media endeavour to bring us closer together online.

Today we posted our first IGTV video reading and we'd love to publish more! Our series, Coven Reads, will be dedicated to showcasing the amazing pieces of prose and poetry published by small presses across Canada and celebrate the talented people who've written them.

We'd like to encourage anyone, writer or not, to submit a video reading of their favourite piece published by a Canadian small press. So, if you are interested in submitting a video reading, please review the following guidelines:

  • the video must showcase a poem or prose piece published by Canadian small presses

  • the video ratio should be 9:16 or 1080x1920 pixels, which can be easily achieved by filming in portrait instead of landscape, or you must be willing to let us edit your video to fit that size

  • the video must not feature any copyrighted images or audio

Feel free to get as creative as you'd like with your recording, but keep in mind that intro/outro credits are not necessary as we will be editing those into the video before publishing it online.

Send your videos to Any submissions that do not follow the aforementioned guidelines will be refused.


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