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Issue no.9

The April issue of deathcap is here!

Featuring the works of Erin Emily Ann Vance, Emily Stewart, Jenna Jarvis, Amy Leblanc, Calum Roberston, Erin Schallmoser, Mallory E. Land Smith, Adrienne Adams, Alessia Di Cesare, Kait Aiken, Tim Mayhead, Sarah Hilton, Emma Gomis and Kat Heger.

Pink Minimalist Kindness Quote Instagram


Coven Editions is currently soliciting poetry work for future issues of deathcap. 


Read our submission guidelines here for more information.

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Upcoming Publications

Unfortunately due to some delays, we have had to push the production of our next two publications.  Look out for:

Oracle of Wounds by Qurat Dar


Assimilation Tactics by Ellen Chang-Richardson

Coming Fall 2021!