Mia Morgan is a Palestinian-Canadian writer currently completing an M.A. in English at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her long poem Suburbia was published as a tiny book by In\Words press, and you can find some other work in Bywords, talking about strawberries, Chaudiere, and Train. She is a member of the Arc Poetry Magazine board and otherwise spends as much time as possible with plants and animals.




Stephanie Meloche is a primary school teacher in the UK and co-host of the history / crime / folklore podcast Femmes Macabres.  As a Pisces, she is always feeling a lot of feelings and is usually day-dreaming about faraway places.  Steph has a passion for unsolved mysteries and communing with spirits.  She has also published two novellas, both of which were written in under 48 hours.

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Together, Mia and Steph are Coven Editions, a literary small press based in Mia's apartment, specializing in creative, handmade chapbooks. Coven seeks to showcase and circulate work by Canadian artists with diverse and intersecting identities, with a focus on emerging writers from Ontario's literary community.

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